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We’re a passionate and innovative team who simply create and build bespoke furniture and luxury interiors. We’re master craftsmen, possessing a desire to deliver stunning, bespoke furniture that wows our customers and brings everlasting joy and pleasure to the home.

Where anything short of excellence simply goes against the grain

Ashton Bespoke Sample - Door detail for a ladies dressing room. with central stitched leather panel, inset white mother of pearl with inset chrome and outer timber boarder in a white Ash
Ashton Bespoke Interiors - Bespoke Home Bar
Ashton Bespoke - Workshop, Craftsmanship, Handcrafted


We are committed to working pro-actively alongside our client, to continually achieve results that not only meet, but frequently exceed, their expectations. We keep our client at the centre of our work. Careful consideration of all aspects of a project ensures excellence at every stage. We can be relied upon to deliver superb design and craftsmanship, on time and within budget.


We care passionately about British artisans. Bringing them together and combining their skills enables us to deliver exceptional standards, the culmination of centuries of craftsmanship: Understanding the complexities of traditional crafts and materials whilst embracing modern technology and techniques. For us it is about delivering unique pieces, creating the antiques of tomorrow.


Styles may change over the years but craftsmanship is timeless. We create furniture for the discerning; those with a sense of the past; an eye for the future. For us it is all in the detail; the interplay of shape, style and raw material creating pieces that are beautiful, original and harmonious. Each item is built by master craftsmen to give aesthetic pleasure for many years to come.

Cocktail Bar

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Can Fitted Furniture Create Luxurious Feature Walls?

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Door detail in a white Ash with fabric panel and a horn handle

Questions Designers Ask

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The Beauty of Veneer How can I stand out from the competition We know that interior designers are always pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities with creativity. As Cabinet makers…


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