Why You Need a Cocktail Cabinet Or Home Bar This Year

Cocktail Bar
Cocktail Bar

Following a year of drinking at home as bars and restaurants closed across the UK, the popularity of the home bar and cocktail cabinet has risen significantly as homeowners turned to recreating what they were missing in their own homes. 

Home bars can be a stunning addition to your home; with so many options of styles and materials, you really can customise your own bar or cabinet to suit the aesthetic of any room (and any drinker). 

Whether you opt for an antique, vintage-feel globe or a modern take on a show cabinet, there are plenty of options and customisations out there to create your perfect cocktail bar at home. 

Why have home bars and cocktail cabinets risen in popularity so quickly? 

As we prepare for a long, hot summer, there’s no doubt that the demand for beverages at home will rise. While some people may consider this a fleeting trend, a feature bar can actually really stand the test of time and be an essential addition to any house for years to come. 

What’s better than a private, safe place to socialise, all within the comfort of your own home? 

If you like entertaining, or simply want to have a place to relax after a long day, this is the perfect opportunity to design your own space to wind down. 

A surprising result of the COVID-19 lockdown has been the sudden boom of innovation in the alcohol sector. With new and exciting additions to the market despite these unfamiliar circumstances, new drinking habits have formed making way for a new love of entertaining at home. 

How can you create a cocktail cabinet at home? 

  1. Curate the contents 

This year we’ve seen bloggers and interior designers alike rave about the different ways to style drinks cabinets and carts. Beautifully arranged bottles and glasses add a classy and sophisticated touch to any room; if you have special wares hidden away, why not create a place to keep them on show? 

Not to mention, part of the beauty of having your own bar is the freedom to stock it however you wish. 

  1. Feature lighting 

Your cocktail cabinet doesn’t have to be subtle. With the right lighting it can easily become an eye-catching focus point. The warm glow of lighting will highlight any sparkling glassware and enhance the ambience of the room. 

  1. Pick the right style

One of the most popular styles of drinks cabinets this year has been art deco. Rich golds and bright trims have stolen the hearts of homeowners as the resurgence of opulent interiors continues. 

If you’re uncertain what to choose, our team at Ashton Bespoke can help you pick materials and styles to suit whatever you desire. 

  1. Fitted or freestanding

As we’ve mentioned above, one of the benefits of opting for bespoke furniture is the ability to customise and create one-of-a-kind pieces. We specialise in creating artisan, hand-crafted cabinets locally in Petersfield, Hampshire. 

Whether you’re looking for a feature wall or a small freestanding piece, we can help.

Developing design ideas can be difficult without expert advice. With us, we can help develop ideas together to reach your aspirations. Book a free design consultation with one of our experts to explore your options. 

At Ashton Bespoke, we can be relied upon to deliver superb design and craftsmanship, on time and within budget. If you’re looking for a beautiful, bespoke cocktail bar or drinks cabinet we can help! 
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