What does a production plan consist of

What does a production plan consist of

It’s true of anything that needs to happen to a high standard and by a specified date then there must be clear plans in place. A plan holds every member of the team accountable and means that there is no grey area in terms of what must be actioned. But most importantly that we all work as a team. When we are involved in a project with designers, we strongly believe in the collaborative process but once all is signed off, we make sure we have a robust plan in place to take us to production.

Before Signing Off

There is a lot that must happen before we reach the sign off stage both from our point of view and our clients. For us there are a few elements that must be decided

  • We must have a true understanding of the clients brief.
  • We have explored all options in terms of materials.
  • Full site survey headed up by our project manager so that we are certain on sizes, access and integration when appropriate.
  • Detailed technical drawings are generated specifying sizes, materials and finish

This is the stage where we ask our clients to sign off. We will not make production plan until we have the green light as we know sometimes more than one person needs to action this and it can take time. As soon as sign off takes place then we begin to action our own production plan.

What does a production plan consist of

The Production Plans

Once we get sign off including an install date then we put together a comprehensive programme of works with strict deadlines built into it. We know that our clients have time frames to adhere to, so we support them by making sure we have clear sight of deadlines. We work backwards and put the installation period into the plan first. By this stage we have already gone through the design period where within our quotes we have already allowed for revisions A to C. As we feel 3 revisions should be adequate because we invest the time in initial conversations and collaboration so that we have a clear understanding of the brief.

Manufacture And Delivery On Time

The central part of the process is the manufacturing period.  We meticulously think out every detail of daily work so that we ensure continual flow through the workshop. The production plan covers all of this so we can keep to our client’s deadlines and ensure our staffing, sourcing of materials and workshop capability is where it needs to be.  We have invested in our machinery and our crafts people so that we can deliver incredible unique pieces of furniture. Our team have honed their skills through years of experience applying older traditional techniques to new practice that has evolved through specialist projects. It’s the mix of modern machinery and ancient craft techniques that enable us to undertake ambitious, complex designs. And the only way to deliver these projects is through our robust production planning.

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