South Downs National Park – The Perfect Location

South Downs National Park

At Ashton it’s not just about our furniture, we believe in our location too. Based in the Hampshire village of South Harting, we were fortunate to acquire premises that are steeped in history. Ashton offices and workshops sit on the site of a 16th century farm. Farming has in fact been taking place in this area since medieval times and we feel blessed to be able to take in the rolling hills of the South Downs as we work. When we have time to take a break then it’s a short walk to the picturesque village of South Harting and the local pub. The White Hart is a fine old village inn dating from the 17th century full of character and charm. Especially in winter with its big open fire place, and welcoming local ale’s

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Local Pub to Ashton Bespoke, South Harting, Petersfield,

Onsite facilities

Ashton Bespoke comprises of 300m2 of manufacturing workshop capability with in – house finishing. Our office and showroom/meeting room offer an extensive sample library to clients, enabling them to easily compare materials and finishes for their projects. In addition to our in-house finishes, we work closely with a selection of British artisans that offer alternative finishes that cannot necessarily be found on the high street.

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Strategically positioned

The location is not only picturesque farm building surrounded by rolling hills, for us it was a strategic business decision. Ashton is just 5 minutes from Petersfield off the A3 or the main line from Waterloo to Portsmouth. We wanted to sit on the Hampshire Surrey border and be able to service those markets needs but also be in prime position to service the London market. We know that the designers and architects we work with have London based clients looking for high end bespoke capabilities. 

Location of Ashton Bespoke, South Harting, Petersfield

Project planning

Whilst often in the initial planning stages we will meet clients onsite to assess their project. We know that who we are is also important so there is a warm welcome for all who come to visit us at Ashton. Once a project is underway, our location ensures we can easily be accessed if samples need to be viewed in our workshops and equally affords us the ability to be onsite quickly to meet clients. This creative interaction during the planning stage is important for us and our clients. The design process is so valuable which is why we have this creative space at Ashton to interact. We know how important meaningful creative planning and communication is towards the end goal of the project, our bespoke furniture.

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