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The Beauty of Veneer

How can I stand out from the competition

We know that interior designers are always pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities with creativity. As Cabinet makers and artisans, we use traditional techniques, but push boundaries by embracing modern technology in the form of machinery and through exploring new materials. In developing how we work, we grow in understanding how we combine materials in terms of what looks and textures we can generate to have your design stand apart.

Do you have a portfolio of past works?

We strive to build relationships with interior designers, a partnership that is based on trust gained from our wealth of knowledge and experience. It is important they can see we can deliver their vision. So, our portfolio of past works demonstrates to clients our capabilities and in addition they can see whether our work is a fit with theirs.

What materials are available, and do you know how to work with combining those materials?

We have decades of experience working not just with beautiful wood and natural veneers, we have that innate knowledge of how best to construct the finished piece. It is not just the substrate, it can be leather, fabric, stone, metal, or mother-of-pearl that the client wants to feature and we know exactly how these materials will work together.

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What happens if there is an unforeseen delay on the project will you react and ensure that the project sticks to timescales?

Once we are working with a client it becomes a relationship that we nurture and develop over time. This means should any delays occur; we will move heaven and earth to ensure that the project gets back on schedule and the end client has no knowledge that there were any issues at all.

Will there be any hidden costs or unforeseen expenses?

We take our time to go through our costing process rigorously. This means there are no surprises and there is a comprehensive list of every single costing implication for an entire project because we know you need the reassurance that you will deliver on budget.

When we get to manufacturing how do we ensure we do not lose sight of the project?

We warmly invite our clients into our workshop and meeting room at regular intervals throughout the project. Our meeting room has samples we can view and a space to discuss every element of the process.

Can I have samples, and do you make prototypes?

We can provide samples for your clients to approve as we know how important it is that they feel the materials and see how they look. If a full prototype is required, we can cost this separately within the project, but this would commonly be dependent on the scope of the project.

Once you go into production how do you ensure that we keep to timescales and deadlines?

When we are involved in a project with interior designers we strongly believe in the collaborative process. We await our client sign off once we have the green light, we make a robust production plan where we start at the end with the installation date, we then put together a comprehensive program of works with strict deadlines built into it.

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