Monaco Project

At Ashton Bespoke we commit ourselves completely to all our projects but when they have multiple elements to consider and in addition the installation is overseas, then our team really do rise to the challenge. For us it’s not just ensuring all the aspects of the project are carefully planned, it’s also the execution and making sure everything is shipped correctly.

Living and dining area

In the living room, we were charged with a TV unit. In conjunction with the designer and the client we agreed all the materials for the cabinet. The internals were made from a fumed oak veneer, external top in a fumed eucalyptus finished in high gloss, with doors and side panels in fumed chestnut veneered at 30 degrees giving an arrowhead effect with solid patinated brass surrounds to the doors. The dining room featured a niche cabinet with fumed oak internals and open shelving above in fumed eucalyptus with a high gloss finish. Finally, encapsulated in a fumed oak framing with 20% sheen lacquer finish. The doors again in fumed chestnut, veneered at 30 degrees giving an arrowhead effect, solid patinated brass surrounds to the doors and each open shelf finished the piece exquisitely.


For this project we had three bedrooms to furnish. The master bedroom wardrobes had main internals in Xylocleaf board material with externals in a deep grey veneer, high gloss finish, doors had an inset chrome detail plus central smoked mirror. We also constructed a gorgeous dressing table, with the top in a faux leather with drawer fronts finished in gloss coloured lacquer. For bedrooms two and three, the main internal carcass was again made in Xylocleaf board material with external niche shelving and the outer framing in fumed oak finished with 20% sheen lacquer. The doors had a small matt black outer framing with a special designed central wallpaper panel. In bedroom three, we incorporated external niche shelving and outer framing in wenge veneer finished in high gloss. The doors were beautifully illuminated with a crazed pearlescent high gloss lacquer.

Feature pieces

On every project there are pieces that are just a joy to realise and this one was no different. We took great pleasure in making a breakfast bar with the top and side panels in fumed chestnut finished with gloss lacquer finish. The under-counter back panel was made from luxurious onyx stone that had incorporated back lighting to showcase and bring the breakfast bar to its full potential. The other stand out aspect of this Monaco project was a hallway feature wall. Consisting of a fixed panel and a concealed cupboard door with a thin matt black framing, this piece was beautifully set off with bespoke handmade antique mirrors.

The logistics

At Ashton Bespoke we have experience with overseas projects, enabling us to consider and understand all requirements necessary in completing this Monaco installation. The knowledge & foresight resulted in smooth transportation of all the pieces, facilitated by a project manager and fitters experienced in handling the associated needs and challenges that can occur on site, the outcome: a straightforward installation and a satisfied client.

Monaco Project Ashton Bespoke

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