Modern Country Homes

The quintessential English village with its pub and village green, chocolate box houses, a peaceful haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With the way we work transformed this year by the Covid-19 pandemic, suddenly people who were in the heart of the city have the chance to retreat to the countryside and buy property with much more inside and outside space for their money.

Bespoke Interiors

Period Architecture

Buyers fall in love with gorgeous period architecture steeped in history that takes the breath away. From Georgian Palladian style homes with their elegant symmetrical facades to the brief Regency period that saw construction inspired by Greek and Roman architecture. This sense of history and old buildings can evoke images of dark, tired interiors but with the modern country house, when we step over the threshold, we’re confronted with anything but ancient.#

Luxury Interiors

Modern classic 

The modern country home has interiors inspired by classical design to accentuate the internal traditional features. Many of these homes have been altered over the centuries and we’re now seeing a return to the original intention of the house, restoring and revealing raw, older parts whilst reimagining the space to facilitate modern life and tastes. It’s about celebrating those incredible features that come with older country houses but bringing them up to date with new furniture designed to be sympathetic and complimentary.


The design process is about delivering clever and considered interiors that provide a delightful feel as you move from the exterior to the internal space. This empathy can mean that the furniture retains the style of the period but is made to suit the needs of the modern world. Gone are the dingy dark country homes of old as contemporary lighting solutions give the space a light and airy feel. The result: a wonderful contrast of the country house exterior steeped in history against a completely reimagined modern internal space.


This is perhaps the most important room for the family. It’s the main hub of the home and the heartbeat of the household so this makes kitchen design so emotive. Somewhere for coffee and catching up with friends but also one where your coffee machine is stored out of sight. The design must be both ergonomic and stylish; a space that is functional but works when entertaining guests and serving food and drinks on the island. A classic country design featuring state of the art appliances discreetly and sensitively positioned and stored.


The modern country home is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that controls every aspect of the house. Home automation has been transformed by smart phones and Wi-Fi enabling affordable systems with one central control pad operating every element of the house. These systems also bring peace of mind with smart home security systems. Owners are also now mindful of carbon footprint and utilize modern technology such as under floor heating to ensure the modern country home is as efficient as possible and the old, draughty piles of the past still look beautiful externally but internally are state of the art.

Technology In The Home

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