We have been shortlisted for Kitchen Design Over £150,000 Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2022.

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The goal was to deliver a living space that would be at the heart of the home and more than just a kitchen; Not just a space where the family could live together, but also an exquisite area for entertaining and a space that would complement and enhance the overall design scheme of the property. We believed that, to achieve this goal, the design process would have to deconstruct the traditional kitchen form, whilst still having due regard to the necessary standard elements and ergonomics, and introduce those elements and materials that would not commonly be seen within the kitchen ethos.

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The Island was going to be the truly dominating aspect; it was imperative that function and form were to be equally as important as the design. As well as all other the materials used, the selection of the stone “Taj Mahal” would be key. A raised breakfast bar with seating brought inclusion and the decorative frontal panels incorporated the array of materials used within the whole kitchen, emphasising all the layered details within the kitchen itself.

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The property has a classic architectural style, so it was imperative that the design and all the key elements work harmoniously together. No single element could detract from the overall vision, but each element should complement all of the layered details; From the simple form of the curved and surrounding shagreen leather-clad panels with inset bronze detailing to the display niches, which incorporate leather side panels, handmade antique mirrors, soft accent lighting and inset bronze detailing. The design makes the use of rich materials such as the specially hand selected veneers, that run through all the elevations and inset pearlized hammered high gloss feature panels to the doors.

The kitchen adjoins the family room and we designed and developed the fireplace and TV display wall that would connect these two areas. Design concepts and materials with layered details, similar to those used within the kitchen, were incorporated into this space to create a continuous, flowing and seamless integration between these two spaces.

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The cabinet doors were hand-crafted with veneers which were specially selected and hand-laid, to ensure a continuous flow of timber grain and colour across all the elevations. All the brass detailing was handmade and patinated in a glowing bronze finish.

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