Ibiza Home Cinema Project

The Brief

We were asked by a client to build a cabinet for a home cinema in a property in Ibiza last year. The client wanted to be able to enjoy light refreshments when viewing so required a mini bar. We had a tricky element to consider as there would be a fan coil unit in the space, which provides heating or cooling for the room. These take cold air from the floor and send warm air out of the top that disperse into the room, so we had to integrate this into the construction and incorporate access panels for maintenance to the machine. The ductwork also had to be considered as part of the construction of the unit. This meant there were technical considerations alongside ensuring it met the design brief.

Design Development

In terms of aesthetics, we produced detailed technical drawings specifying all dimensions, materials and finishes. This also included samples and mood boards for the client to agree. Our skilled fitters then flew out and conducted a full site survey to ascertain the precise space and tolerances required for the cabinet. This step was about pre-empting any issues of access, integration or installation. It’s not just about measuring and photographing the space, we needed to assess accessibility as that was key in the construction and transport of the piece. When dealing with overseas projects there’s no sending the cabinet back to the workshop if something is missed. At Ashton Bespoke we know projects aren’t just about building furniture, it’s imperative that all the logistics and timings are factored in.

It’s in the details

Once we ensured the practical aspects of construction and transport had been dealt with, we could start the best part of the process, craftsmanship. The design included some truly luxurious elements for this mini bar area within the cinema room. The internals were in a special laminate finish with the bar section including a stone top, with a smoked rear mirror and glass shelves. With Turnstile shagreen handles and the drawer bases lined in a Leather. The main doors and frontal columns for the cabinet were finished in a special liquid metal silver gold horsehair effect. This gave the elegant finish that the client wanted from the design. An integrated handle design also in liquid metal was incorporated to allow for the sliding door mechanism.

Overseas Installation

At Ashton Bespoke we have the experience with overseas projects and the logistics involved, to enable effortless transit of our furniture. This knowledge resulted in smooth transportation of the completed unit to Ibiza which was met by our skilled fitters. The project manager and fitters are experienced in handling the associated needs and challenges that can occur on site, the outcome: a straightforward installation. At Ashton Bespoke we understand that designers need the back up of projects delivered on time and in budget. Equally we appreciate that a smooth and seamless end to the project is what our clients need, and this Ibiza project delivered just that.

Ibiza Home Cinema Project

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