How to design an Eco-friendly sustainable kitchen

What is sustainability

We hear this word in every sphere of life now, it is no longer a fringe green idea that is a hard sell. The world has woken up to the fact that we don’t have infinite resources and that it is imperative for the planet that we do not deplete the natural world. We need ecological balance and to use materials in such a way that they can be maintained or replenished. It’s about the planet, people and economic concerns. Its ensuring that we meet current needs without compromising the needs of future generations. Sustainability is here to stay, and we need to deliver on this within the home and specifically the kitchen.

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With the advent of home automation and smart controls for the house, the technology that is available for the kitchen now ticks the green box. This is about ensuring the design uses energy efficient appliances such as the dishwasher which is important as it can reduce water waste and energy consumption. High end appliances that are A grade or A + means they have been constructed to be as energy efficient as possible. Instead of a kettle many bespoke kitchens now have a hot water tap. As well as giving the kitchen clean uncluttered lines, a hot water tap is more energy efficient.

Material choice

It is important that an eco-friendly kitchen is made with materials that are sustainable. One such choice should be in the paint that is used on the kitchen cabinets and of course the walls and ceiling. Bespoke kitchen customers are increasingly using water-based paints or oils for their kitchen as these coatings are low in VOCs. This reduces harmful emissions from solvent based paints so that the room itself is greener as well as reducing chemicals in manufacturing. Reclaimed tiles or other repurposed materials help towards sustainability and work well with popular rustic or shabby chic looks. Timber used in the kitchen should either be certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification or the Forest Stewardship Council as both are focused on sustainable management of forests.

Trends for Autumn Winter 2020


Putting some real thought into the design of your lighting can save energy. LED lighting whether tape or spotlights use less energy and last longer as well as plus they look crisp and modern. You could choose statement lighting over your island or halo lighting to the perimeter of the cabinets, or task lighting below the cabinets, each creating different moods. Multiple switches that isolate lighting in areas means you use less energy by selecting which areas are illuminated.

Green manufacturing

This is about choosing a company that strives for sustainability in the way it works. When clients design a bespoke kitchen, they are guaranteeing it will be well made and designed to last therefore less wasteful. Bespoke kitchen makers will be using PEFC and FSC certified timbers to ensure they have made sustainable material choices. At Ashton Bespoke we have decades of experience in how to use materials to ensure longevity alongside an ongoing commitment to the environment and best practice.

Trends for Autumn Winter 2020

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