How Have Kitchens Evolved?

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How have kitchens evolved over the past 20 years? They have proven that now more than ever, they are an integral part of the home. No longer dedicated to just food preparation, kitchens have become increasingly multifunctional places to eat, socialise, learn and work. 

The art of bespoke kitchen design is to know how to create a welcoming and relaxing space that meshes seamlessly with the rest of the home. With open-plan living a favourite of many homeowners, the perfect kitchen is all about having a design that complements the rest of your home. 

How have kitchen designs changed?

There have been plenty of stand-out kitchen design trends over the past 20 years, with some more fleeting than others. One trend that has stood the test of time is the kitchen island. 

Kitchen islands, once a staple of high-end kitchens, are no longer just an aesthetic preference but rather a must-have for many homeowners. Once considered a luxury, islands and breakfast bars have recently become more of a necessity for those looking for a multi-use space. Not only adding value to your home but functionality as well. 

20 years ago, open plan kitchens were only just being accepted as the norm. Now, most modern home designs include at least some aspect of open plan living. But why have these features become so popular?

Why have kitchens changed? 

These days, we expect our kitchens to support our busy lifestyles without compromising on their beauty. Kitchens must be as functional as possible as they adapt to a wide range of modern needs. 

In 2020, kitchens quickly became a place to work remotely for many people. It’s these unexpected changes that have really put home design to the test.

Our kitchens have had to adapt to our own evolving preferences and ways of life, with the pandemic highlighting the growing need for interior design that supports wellness and healthy living

The importance of having a central hub of the home to stay connected has become clear, and a well-designed kitchen can do just that.  

What is the future of kitchen design? 

Sustainable and eco-friendly kitchens have come into favour over the past few years and are likely to continue to be at the forefront of future designs. There are a number of options available for those looking to reduce waste and support sustainable living. We can expect much more innovation relating to caring for the environment in the future. 

The market for smart appliances will also grow. Utilities and tools to make the kitchen usable even from afar are already a top choice for modern kitchens so we don’t expect to see the demand for tech in the kitchen stop anytime soon. 

According to the experts we may see the lines blurring between living rooms and kitchens even further, with softer furnishings making their way into the kitchen. 

So, you can see how kitchens evolved over the last 20 years and the way we use kitchens has drastically affected how we design them.

If you’re interested in creating your own bespoke kitchen suited to your needs, we can work with you to craft your perfect home. Get in touch with us today to start your new project. 

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