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What makes a piece of furniture bespoke? How does it differ from factory produced furniture? It’s not just the unique essence of the furniture of course it’s about the workmanship and knowledge of centuries-old techniques in creating form and craftsmanship that ooze luxury. The other critical aspect is the materials selected by the client. Often it could be solid wood or veneers that a client will choose alongside beautiful detailing that really sets off that luxury look.

High End Material - Ashton Bespoke furniture

Different substrates

There is such a wealth of beautiful wood and natural veneers to choose from and we have the knowledge of what will work best both for the construction and purpose of the piece. All these wonderful woods and veneers can be susceptible to colour change over time. Oak, elm, cherry, walnut and chestnut, to name a few, contain natural tannins that the furniture maker will be aware of but perhaps not the client. We look on this as a natural patina, that brings lustre and depth with age. Then of course you have the choice of all the beautiful dyed veneers, nowadays which again need an element of protection to maintain their colour. It may be that the client is drawn to a different look such as fumed oak or eucalyptus which is a wonderful option caused by a natural reaction to the presence of ammonia in the atmosphere. Whatever the choice, our skilled craftsmen know every substrate inside out.

Luxury Materials 

Everyone is looking for that unique wow look from furniture. The impact does come from the beauty of the piece itself but quite often it’s the choice of material used that give it that gorgeous luxury feel. Liquid metal for example can be a popular choice and we work alongside specialist artisans that can produce this work. It could be leather, fabric, stone or metal such as brass or polished stainless steel, or even mother of pearl that the client wants to feature within part of their furniture. It is critical that the furniture maker understands the way those materials inherently work differently to each other but in turn appreciating how they can also complement one another. This knowledge is key to producing high end bespoke luxury furniture. We have decades of experience in understanding how to achieve this.

high end material - ashton bespoke samples


This is such an important aspect of delivering high end furniture. Whether its beautifully polished high gloss or a matt look which is increasingly popular now, we have the expertise to do this. This is the surface that people will touch and enjoy a sensory experience, thus to understand that this must be as perfect as the making is unequivocal. Our care for the surface doesn’t finish when it leaves us, we also provide after care instructions to ensure our clients understand how to care for the piece so the finish remains perfect over the years

Sample library

We know that clients want to see how different materials look so we have taken time to assemble a sample library. This can be viewed onsite safely in our meeting room or we can bring a selective few which may work better when viewed in the space intended for the furniture. The way different materials look and feel is part of the process when making these important choices.

high end material - ashton bespoke samples

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