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The importance of your brand

We want to really convey something special in our work and for our name to be synonymous with quality and tradition. So, what is in our name? Ashton was appropriate for many reasons. Ashton from old English, literally means “from the town with ash trees”. We use this wonderful tree in our logo and our premises are set against the backdrop of the Southdown’s as well as the shade of ashes in the forest on the hill above the workshop. We want this brand to really shape our way of thinking and how we approach work day to day.

The Ashton difference starts right from the planning stage. Our onsite meeting room is where we start this process of bringing our clients ideas to life. It’s a creative space that we use to imagine the design in production weighing up different materials and finishes within our sample library. Every step of the way is a collaborative process, where designers, architects and clients can realise their designs.

Workshop and sample Image Ashton Bespoke

Invest in your team

We know there is no i in team at Ashton Bespoke so our people are important. We invest in them so that our clients benefit in return. This doesn’t just mean having company outings or get-togethers – though we absolutely do this – it means nurturing talent. We want our business to evolve, adapt and grow and that means we want the same for our staff. We believe in high levels of training, investing in machinery and ensuring we have a safe workshop for our valuable team. We listen to our staff when they have training needs, or they voice their ambitions for the future.

Workshop - Ashton Bespoke Team

Traditional techniques and technology investment

Everything about the way companies are doing business has had to change recently. If we really care about our success, then businesses should always strive to evolve. This does mean finding different ways to work that can incorporate social distancing and safe practises, but it also means investing in your team. Ensuring you achieve excellence in your people by nurturing traditional artisan techniques alongside investing modern developments in tools and technology. Britain has long enjoyed the respect of the world for its high standard of furniture makers. These skilled craftsmen have honed their ability over centuries with generations passing on their knowledge coupled with innovations in tooling that enable cabinetmakers to work more efficiently. Some of these basic techniques are largely unchanged over time but now of course as with so many elements of life, we have access to incredible technology that can aid this process and achieve results that may have otherwise not been possible. The end result: British fine furniture that is valued and sought after the world over.  

Ashton Bepoke Setting and Office

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