Covid 19 UK – Remote Workforce

Life under lockdown

Social distancing, shielding,  self isolation; all words that regrettably have entered our daily vocabulary. The word social has always been positive, associated with the parties and events that punctuate our lives which we look forward to. The addition of the word distancing after now makes it feel like a popped balloon. There’s not much I wouldn’t do for a cold beer in a pub garden right now! This has been a unique situation which no doubt will go down in the history books. Many of us will have spent lockdown resting, reflecting, spending time with family, appreciating nature but just as many of us will have been worried, anxious and angry. I think I have ticked every box and felt every emotion.

The new normal

But there is light at the end of tunnel as we begin the slow easing of restrictions. We all  have to  find a way to live and work in these new conditions because it will be a long time until we go back to normal if at all. So how do we adjust to doing business and still manage to adhere to social distancing protocols? Well we are fortunate here at Ashton Bespoke to have the infrastructure and premises to work safely within guidance. We have carried out a risk assessment and made the changes we felt we needed to ensure the health and safety of our staff and anyone who needs to visit us on site.  


We have a small highly skilled team of makers who are able to adequately space out across the workshop. When appropriate they have access to adequate PPE and are adhering to government guidance on hand washing and hygiene.  We have instigated staggered start times and tea breaks.  Where we can, doors are left open to avoid touching the handles and surfaces are regularly cleaned, with an extended  route  in place.   

Bespoke Furniture Workforce

Office based staff  

Ashton Bespoke supports flexible working practices and those involved with our project management, drawing dept,  sales, social media and marketing  are able to work from home. We are fortunate enough to enjoy superb I.T. support enabling the team to  have remote access as well as hold meetings across platforms such as Zoom. We’ve had fun adjusting to the etiquette of talking to multiple colleagues onscreen as well as engineering the most flattering camera angles!

Our Bespoke Workforce
Caroline (Sales & Marketing) with new lockdown puppy Benji

Our clients

We believe with a strong protected infrastructure behind us we  are able to service our clients safely. We carry out all appointments and project discussions electronically. Should clients wish to meet us face to face we have a meeting room that can be accessed directly from our car park and internally has sufficient space to socially distance. We have evolved and will continue to adapt to the situation as the guidance changes. 

Ashton Bespoke Luxury Interiors

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