Bespoke storage solutions for Autumn

Once the August bank holiday is over many of us feel the urge to organise and nest before the autumn is upon us. With children finally returning to school after many months at home, there is likely an even stronger urge to sort through the house with life having been on hold. For many people where they live and how they work may have changed too so the practical needs from the house have shifted.

Boot Rooms

If you have the space downstairs, then the boot room really is a must when looking to store outer wear. There is nothing better than being able to shut the door on coats and shoes, so they are out of sight.  If you have young children with muddy shoes especially as autumn comes with the inevitable increase in rain, you really don’t want all of that messing up your hallway. A bespoke boot room can incorporate bench seating with storage underneath or perhaps shelving and space to hang coats. For dog owners the design could incorporate an area for balls and leads plus somewhere to stash muddy wellies.


Under Stairs Storage

Quite often this is wasted space that could be utilised for storing shoes and coats if you don’t have space for a boot room. From cupboards to shelving and even pull out drawers that really make the most of the space, there are solutions that work for everyone.

Studies and Home Offices

With a huge shift in how we work in the wake of the covid 19 pandemic, many people are now working from home.  Your work may involve keeping files or documents to hand so when planning this room, you might want to consider what you need access to and how much space. We know at Ashton Bespoke that the design process is important with any room and this is especially true of a study or home office. We understand the practical demands of a space for work which is why we don’t just make furniture we will consider ergonomics, light and cabling for your study.  How this room is configured is clearly client driven but our experience enables us to make some practical suggestions during the design process.

Bespoke Home office and walk in wardrobe

Tips on managing storage

If you don’t have the room for either a boot room or a home office, there are other things you can do to manage storage in the home. Use the space under your bed to hide baskets or storage boxes for linen or towels. A few strategically placed hooks can help to get clutter off the floor and provide easy access for when you need items. It can help to break up open spaces by adding in shelving to neatly separate household items or fill it with stackable boxes that discreetly hold items out of sight. Have a look around the home as the chances are there is unused space that could be utilised and some strategically placed shelving or racking could be the answer to your needs.

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