Bespoke Kitchen Customer Journey

What is our customers journey?

As bespoke kitchen makers, if we understand how and why our customers choose us then we are better placed to meet their needs. Why do clients opt for a bespoke solution when there are numerous, reasonably priced off the shelf solutions on the market? The direct clients it seems want the exact opposite of that; a unique focal feature of the house that has been designed and crafted individually for their needs. We know that there is much more to the bespoke kitchen market than cupboard configuration, it’s the layers of people that form part of the process that are important.

The bespoke market 

Often the furniture maker does not meet the end client until much further in the process. Our initial “clients” are the interior designer, the architect or contractor. You’re proud of your dovetail joints and incredible bespoke larders but can’t showcase this without initially understanding your clients’ needs. You’re effectively interviewing for a relationship and the rapport that is built in these initial meetings is important. We’ve all had those moments where in your gut you just instantly like someone or equally instinctively don’t trust them. Your reputation, craftsmanship, experience has likely preceded you, but it must also work on a personal level for both parties. This is a collaborative process and clients are looking for reassurance and professionalism from start to finish. At Ashton Bespoke we ensure a true understanding of the brief and full requirements. Using this information, we develop and further explain all options or opportunities. For us this is about pre-empting issues such as access, integration so that the project flows seamlessly.

Making memories

So why is the kitchen so important and emotive? The reason clients labour over cupboard and colour choices, which handles and taps they chose is because they’re buying possibility. They visualise how that space will be used. They want an ergonomic, stylish design that is aesthetically pleasing because the kitchen is for most of us the centre of the home. When they run their hands over the worktop samples, clients visualise it in use. The sound of laughter, clinking of glasses, a priceless coffee and catch up with a friend sat at the island, a place to make memories. And therefore, a good bespoke kitchen maker can put the appropriate price on this individual level of care and detail. They are charged with bringing someone’s vision to life with a unique kitchen.

People buy people

So, whether it is the designer with decades of experience who has come highly recommended or the skilled craftsman in the fine furniture studio or the architect, we buy emotionally. Clients know what they want from a kitchen but they’re buying the relationship, the trust. In these times of digital marketing when we’re obsessed with web stats and likes, it’s worth remembering that we’re still human beings. We connect emotionally when we buy and want to see friendly, genuine people who can be trusted to bring the heart of the home to life.

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