What goes into a quotation

There is a marked difference between off the shelf solutions and bespoke furniture not just in the terms of construction but how they are costed. When you are making the same piece to the same spec day in day out with very little variance expect perhaps in colour or finish, it is easy to generate a price that covers materials, labour and profit. As the term suggests, with bespoke furniture you are getting something unique every time.


From initial meetings with designers or contractors to onsite time with the clients, the costing process can be quite involved. When you are producing one off pieces, the great deal of thought and time that goes into this process is commonly undervalued. With time spent on initial consultation and development, cost implications are inherent. It’s not just time on these preliminary conversations, it’s the thought process away from the meetings that also must be considered. We see positive collaborations in this initial phase as paramount to fully gain a true understanding of the brief and requirements, throughout this process all design detailing, materials and finishes are explored.  


The Quotation

This isn’t merely a list of prices; our quotations are a comprehensive document clearly breaking down and outlining costs. We take the time the project deserves to consider every single conceivable element of the project. An example of some of the aspects we cover:

o Scope of works

o General specification

o Financial Summary

o General Notes & Process

o Terms & Conditions

For example, when taking into consideration a cabinet with drawers then our quotation doesn’t just list what the drawer will be made of, we deal with all the features such as any special internal compartments, edging or if the drawer base is lined in a leather. It’s this level of detail that makes furniture bespoke and we know that our clients have put careful thought and consideration into this, so we make sure the same attention is given to the details in our costings.


Brands that generate trust and build their reputation are authentic and transparent. At Ashton Bespoke we ensure our quotations are as thorough and clear as possible. We know that as well as time constraints, projects have budget limits too; no one wants nasty surprises down the line or hidden costs. We ensure that our costing is crystal clear on what is included and equally what we have not allowed for. This gives our clients transparency on exactly what we will deliver

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Development Of The Design

Once the cost has been agreed, the preparatory work doesn’t stop there. We then develop, explore and explain all options or opportunities. All design detailing, materials, finishes are explored, considered and recommendations made, working coherently to deliver our clients’ vision. Further to this, samples of all agreed finishes will also be presented for client sign off.  When you consider everything that happens before manufacture commences, it shows why the cost of a bespoke piece is more than off the shelf solutions. It is not just about the skilled craftsman making the piece but also the years of knowledge that goes into how a piece will be constructed and understanding the elements involved. With that increased thought and behind the scenes consideration and consultation, it is easy to see that the price is reflective of the result.. 

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