Bespoke Bedroom Furniture Design

A room for calm

Every room of the house has very different functionality, food and social occasions for the kitchen, entertainment and comfort in the living room and our bedrooms are where we go to retreat and recharge. The bedroom should be a room that we walk into and feel we can exhale, truly a haven from the stress and grind of life. It’s a space intended for relaxation and rest so the room should feel uncluttered to generate a feeling of tranquillity and peace. The bedroom is the one room of the house not intended for guests so it’s a very personal place.

Bespoke wardrobes 

Often our brief is for bespoke wardrobes custom built to work in the available space. Our goal is to ensure functionality as well as aesthetics. The design considers taste of the client, the light in the room and where the furniture will be positioned. Sometimes the design will be in keeping with the rest of the property. On one of our wardrobe projects, we crafted a beautiful shaker style three door wardrobe that worked perfectly to reflect the age of the 16th century house. As makers we need to know that design intent and bring it into reality. We also must think on tolerances and ensure the site has been correctly considered in terms of potential issues that could arise on installation. It’s this careful thought and consideration on every aspect of the design that goes into making bespoke wardrobes.

Walk in wardrobes

Clients may want a walk-in wardrobe to offer a discreet storage solution. How we like to organise, and store clothes is a very personal thing which makes a walk-in wardrobe a piece of furniture that is crafted with love. A walk-in wardrobe can deliver calm because everything is tucked away behind closed doors. For the bespoke cabinet maker there are other considerations not just physically constructing the wardrobe. For example, with a walk-in wardrobe, the maker will often need to factor the lighting into the build. They need to put themselves in the place of the client and understand how they will experience the space. An experienced bespoke furniture maker knows that the walk-in wardrobe for the bedroom is the equivalent of the joy that a pantry brings to a kitchen. For the client, deciding what they’ll hang and what will be folded and how much shoe storage is needed is an enjoyable process that the designer and maker bring to life.


Solutions for the whole room

It’s not just wardrobes that we are charged with making, it can also be other pieces such as a dressing table or bedside cabinets or even a headboard. When designing bedroom furniture, quite often it’s several pieces that need to work in harmony with one another. The design will consider the needs of the client in the entire space and as the maker we look at the logistics and how it all comes together so that the client ends up with their dream room.

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