Customer service and the client journey

The Customer Journey 

In order to deliver on our client’s aspirations, we must take the time to understand them. Our clients come to us in several different ways, either directly as a homeowner or as the interior designer on a project, or it could also be their architect. Now more than ever it is a buyers’ market. Not only are we aware of our online reviews, as businesses we need them. We feel passionately about what it is our clients say about us. Not just of our furniture but how they were treated. Much of sales is an emotional process and if we recognise that people buy people and view the project as a relationship rather than a transaction then we have the ingredients for success.  

The Direct Customer 

This kind of client is quite special. They tend to come to us because they have seen a feature in a magazine or a post on social media and something about it has felt right for them. They are taking a chance on us based on research and gut feeling which is what makes them special. Undoubtedly word of mouth is paramount in this industry. When a close friend can physically show you furniture that you can touch and hear about how their project was handled, quite often as buyers that is enough for us. 

The Designer 

These are the incredible creative people who have the vision to know what will work in a space. They have listened to clients brief and imagined rooms that have made their clients gasp with delight. Now comes the tricky part; we need to breathe life into these ideas and think about the practicalities, the materials, the function, and understand how this will be managed through our production facilities. That’s where our meeting room can come in to play as we can easily access our sample library. As the ideas flow, we have a visual sample of many materials the designer needs immediately to hand.  

The Customer Journey - Ashton Bespoke Sample Image - Door detail with central panel in a shagreen leather, inset bronze and black mother of pearl with outer banding in walnut veneer
The Customer Journey - Ashton Bespoke Sample Image
The Customer Journey - Ashton Bespoke Sample Image

The Architect 

Architects are also valuable clients for us as they again possess great vision, though inherently in a different way. We recognise the importance of working in a time served manner where they are able to rely on a furniture maker that can deliver on all aspects, on time and in budget. We devote so much effort to the planning stage to ensure every detail is accounted for, measured and planned so that we are the go-to people ready at the appropriate time of the project.  

Repeat Business 

Our work is not done by winning our clients and completing a project; we want to be the first port of call for all their projects. Repeat business is the holy grail for most of us and to achieve it we must deliver on time, in budget and have ensured throughout the process we have built a lasting relationship.

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Ashton Bespoke Office and view - The Customer Journey

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